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Donate used aircraft easily through our extremely popular charity aircraft donation program. We accept any type of aircraft, from used airplanes and light sport aircraft to homebuilt helicopters and private executive jet donations throughout all United States territories and Canada. We will accept your aircraft donation even if it is not in running condition. We will also make all of the arrangements to move your airplane donation, helicopter donation or any aircraft absolutely free. When you donate aircraft with us, We make sure you receive a Fair Market Tax Deduction and whenever possible make material improvements to ensure the maximum write-off value you are seeking.

Donate aircraft today and avoid all of the problems that usually come with offering aircraft for sale yourself. No wasted time showing your airplane to dreamers, there are no expensive classified ads, no taking phone calls at midnight and no price haggling... Just the peace of mind you supported a great cause, and year end financial benefit come tax filing time!

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Donate Aircraft - Easier than selling - Fair Market Value Tax Deduction

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Donate Airplane Helicopter or other aircraft - extremely simple. When you Donate to Online Car Donation you are able to deduct the fair market value of your aircraft donation from your federal income tax. Why waste time trying to offer your aircraft for sale when you can gain much more with a charity aircraft donation by helping someone in the world through our program that needs a helping hand!


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