Charity Hair Event Raises Money for Cancer

3/01/07 -- Raleigh
 With just a little prep, Hurricane's commentator Tripp Tracy entered a new arena Thursday getting his well-known locks sheared for a charity called the St. Baldrick's Foundation.

Maura was diagnosed with cancer of the central nervous system at eight months old.
His barber is 2-year-old cancer survivor Maura Kane as well as a little help from his mom.

Kate Kane, Maura's mom stated, "To hear that your 8-month-old had stage four cancer is
just something that is the scariest thing that you could possibly go through."

Fortunately the cancer is in remission. Maura's mom says that's in part thanks to the
research funded by organizations like St. Baldrick's.

"Unfortunately, there are so many people that haven't had the wonderful results that we've
had," said Kane.

Oncologist Stuart Gold knows that all too well.

"Childhood cancer is rare, but if you looked at causes of death in children, cancer is still
the number one leading cause," said Dr. Gold.

Since the foundation was started in 2000, and with the help of events like this, St.
Baldrick's has raised awareness and more than $20 million.

Saturday, St. Baldrick's will host the big event. Another Carolina Hurricane and more than
80 people plan to shave their heads for the foundation. 

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