Scarlett Johansson Misses Oscars for Charity Work

02/28/07 -- Sara Gaines Scarlett Johansson was a no-show at Oscar parties on Sunday after snubbing the event to visit Sri Lanka and India on a charity project.

The actress, 22, is spending 10 days in the South Asia region as part of a trip organized by
the international aid agency Oxfam.

Oxfam executive director Jeremy Hobbs says, "By supporting Oxfam, Scarlett is taking a
stand alongside millions of people globally who are working to overcome poverty.

"Her support is crucial in helping to show how the smallest donation to Oxfam can mean
the world of difference to a poor community."


The 22-year-old actress was, busy touring India and Sri Lanka as part of Oxfam
projects. The Lost in Translation star is currently on a 10-day visit and visited an
Oxfam-funded school in Uttar Pradesh, which was set up to educate Dalit children.

And for the selfless act, Scarlett has received a pat on the back from British-based
international aid agency Oxfam.

Scarlett was also involved in a few healthcare projects and one on domestic violence
involving Indian women. She also traveled to Sri Lanka to see how the charity was helping
in reconstruction projects after the 2004 tsunami, Oxfam said.

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