When hunger strikes, help is never far away

March 04, 2007 -- Wendell Edwards Oftentimes, hunger seems like a problem that only affects the remote corners of the world. But as one Houston woman learned, it’s in our own backyard.

In an area surrounded by fast food chains and grocery stores, hunger seems like a contradiction. But Tyra Gamble knows it is a harsh reality.

“Just driving around the southwest side of Houston. Seeing people have signs, I’m hungry. Can you help? The human part. I want to be a servant. I want to make sure our community is well taken care of,” Gamble, director of Essential Food Network Distribution, said.

Gamble, a middle school principal, started the Essential Food Network Distribution charity in an effort to turn her dream of feeding others into a real life commitment.

“Starting off on the weekend, and them plan to expand because people are hungry everyday. My concept is to go out and deliver the food,” she said.

Delivering meals to those in need is nothing new, but the focus of this particular distribution network is narrow and specific.

Organizers say they established this network because the need was so great.

They say one out of every four people every day go hungry in southwest Houston alone.

Gamble understands there is hard work ahead. But she says, what’s even more difficult than that task is being hungry and asking for help.

She just wants to be there so when hunger strikes, help is never far away.

If you would like to participate or donate food to the network, call 713-204-9203 or email endhunger06@yahoo.com.

The network plans to distribute food every Saturday from 4-6 p.m.

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