Editorial Cartoonists' Group Starts Online Donation System

02/28/07 -- E&P Staff
 The Association of American Editorial Cartoonists today put an online
donation "button" on its EditorialCartoonists.com site.

Last year, the Challenge Fund for Journalism (CFJ) gave the AAEC $15,000 with the
proviso that the cartoon organization match the money. AAEC Secretary-Treasurer V.
Cullum Rogers reported that approximately $4,000 has been raised so far, with about
three months to go.

"Fortunately, editorial cartoonists as a group are used to meeting tight deadlines -- and
we've been holding back on soliciting donations until we had the tools to make giving and
keeping track of giving as easy as possible," said Rogers, who draws for The Independent
Weekly of Durham. N.C.

The AAEC, which turned 50 today, intends to use the CFJ and matching money for things
such as its "Cartoons for the Classroom" program -- a bi-weekly lesson plan offered free
to schools and teachers. 

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