Damien Nash Collapses After Charity Basketball Game

02/25/07 -- Steven Mottor - Another fatal tragedy has occurred for the Denver Broncos football team. Broncos running back Damien Nash collapsed shortly after playing in a charity basketball game. Nash was rushed to the local hospital and pronounced dead. The reason for death is currently
unknown. Nash's death comes just two months after the slaying of teammate Darrent
Williams. The team has struggled to cope with Williams death and are in a state of shock
at the death of Nash.

Damien Nash had just finished participating in a charity basketball game in St. Louis. Nash
had just finished the event when he collapsed to the floor. He was participating in the game
because it benefited a foundation named for older brother Darris Nash. Darris received a
heart transplant just last month. The foundation was established last month to help raise
money for heart transplant research. His family had to recently deal with the trauma of
possibly losing a son, to actually losing one to a tragic event.

A quote from a team spokesman for the Denver Broncos was obtained by ESPN.com.
"We have been informed of the passing of Damien Nash," team spokesman Jim
Saccomano said Saturday night. "We are attempting to get more details. ... We do know
it's true." All that is known at this time is that he died Saturday evening at the hospital. The
cause of his death will be investigated over the next couple of days. It will most likely take a
full autopsy to discover what went wrong. The team will issue another response as more
information becomes available.

Damien Nash was a fifth-round draft pick by the Tennessee Titans in 2005. He began his
National Football League career with the Titans, but only played three games for them.
Nash was then signed by the Denver Nuggets last season. He also only played three
games for the 2006 season. Nash rushed for 66 yards on 18 carries. Coach Mike
Shanahan thought he was a solid young man who had plenty of potential. The death of
Nash is a true tragedy and will further affect an already in mourning football team.

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