Banting Museum gets biggest-ever single donation

02/27/07 -- PATRICK MALONEY, SUN MEDIA London’s Banting Museum, which pays tribute to the birthplace of insulin, received its biggest-ever single donation Tuesday.

Novo Nordisk, an international insulin developer, handed over a $100,000 check to the
Canadian Diabetes Association — which runs the historic London site — to bankroll the
upgrading of its exhibits.

“Where we’re standing today is more than just a museum,” said Michael Howlett, president
of the diabetes association.

“It’s a place where 87 years ago millions of lives were changed.”

It was in the home in 1920, located at the corner of Queens Avenue and Adelaide Street,
that Dr. Frederick Banting, then a lecturer at the University of Western Ontario, woke up
with the idea to treat diabetes.

His creation has saved countless lives and made him a legend worldwide.

“It makes perfect sense for us to recognize the efforts of Sir Frederick Banting and really
the creation of insulin,” said Vince Lamanna, the president of Novo Nordisk Canada.

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